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Signal Intelligence Price List

Effective 04/08/2024


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Product Purchase Part # Price Delivery
PAR USB Download Physical
Spectrum Manager IX 10044 $449.97   YES
Spectrum Commander IX 10043 $259.97 YES  
Spectrum Sentry 10055 $649.97   YES
Spectrum SentryNet (V10 +$300) 10057 $1199.97 Yes for V10 upgrade only YES
Spectrum Enterprise     10058 $2399.97   YES
Remote Server (V10 +$150) 10065 $550.00 Yes for V10 upgrade only YES
RMA II Mini Box - 2 Channel 42120 $2400.00   YES
RMA II Mini Box - 4 Channel 42140 $2600.00   YES
TrunkStar XLT 10074 $64.97 YES  
TrunkStar Pro 10078 $129.97 YES  
TrunkStar Elite 10081 $64.97 YES  
TrunkStar Elite Pro 10082 $129.97 YES  
Embedded Collection System 44001 $16,000.00   YES
TSRSAD Option for Embedded Collection System 44010 $1,200.00   YES

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Available for sale to the U.S. government customers only. Please call for more information.

PAR/USB: For products that require a system key, please specify parallel or USB port.

Quantity Pricing, Training & Special Services

Please contact Signal Intelligence for a quotation.

Replacement Media

Replacement CD media for any product can be ordered for a service charge of $20.00 + S/H. Please call us at 1-408-926-5630 to order. Note that you must have proof of purchase and valid serial number and activation code.

Standard Terms and Conditions

All prices in US dollars.
Sales tax will be added to California orders.
bulletNo COD orders accepted
bulletPurchase orders accepted from government entities only
bulletShipments within the continental U.S. will be made using UPS or FEDEX ONLY.
bulletWe do not mail product to U.S. addresses.
bulletUPS and FEDEX are not allowed to deliver to post office boxes.