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Spectrum Commander IX  IX

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Spectrum Commander IX  is intended for the serious radio amateur or professional who wants full featured, high performance computer aided receiver control capabilities.

Spectrum Commander IX  Quick Info

Electronic Delivery

Spectrum Commander IX  IX new purchases and upgrades are available for electronic delivery, and both can be ordered from the Signal Intelligence on-line store.

Audio Recording

  • Simultaneous Audio Recording with Multiple Receivers: Now you can record audio from multiple receivers at the same time using left and right sound card inputs. If you have more than two receivers, Spectrum Commander IX  IX now supports the use of multiple sound cards in the same PC.

  • Separate Audio Recorder for Each Receiver: Each radio control view now has its own audio recorder.

  • Separate Speaker Selection for Each Receiver's Audio Output: Each receiver can be associated with a specific audio output channel for monitoring live audio, including multiple sound card support.

Audio Player

  • Separate Window Operates Independently: Re-play cuts while recording.

  • Lists and Organizes all Recorded Audio Cuts: All cuts are listed in a master database that can be searched and sorted. Quickly locate cuts by date, time, frequency or ID code.

  • Easy Access to Any Cut: Just click on the cut to play it.

Radio Control View

  • VFO View Allows Direct Frequency and Mode Entry
  • WaveTone sound card PL/DPL/LTR/MOTLSH decoder

  • Search & store to group file

  • Multi-radio search & store

  • Super-flexible scanning and searching

General Features

  • Microsoft® Office 2003® Look & Feel
  • Improved Tool Bars
  • Easier to Use
  • Wizard Simplifies Many Common Tasks
  • Windows® XP, 2000, NT4, ME, 98SE, 98, 95

Spectrum Commander IX  Key Features

  • Organizes data files in "My Documents\My Radio Files"

  • Easy to learn and use

  • Spectrum analysis

  • Band Scope

  • Tactical display

  • Integrated Digital Audio Logger

  • Controls for all radio features

  • Extensive radio support

  • Edit while scanning

  • Reads Excel®, Lotus 123®, Access, Paradox and dBase files

  • Compatible with previous Scan*Star files

Spectrum Commander IX  Additional Features

  • Record audio to your sound card with the Digital Audio Logger
  • Operate up to ten radios at one time, use any port combination
  • User defined database fields with dBase/Access/Paradox field associations
  • Advanced database access features for FCC license database CDs
  • Quick spectrum analysis from scanning windows
  • Activate Monitoring Assistant while scanning a channel
  • Band scope for activity detectionCombine groups, banks and search ranges and scan at once
  • Full featured radio data manager
  • PL/DPL and DTMF logging with OS456, OS535 or DC440 and another radio
  • Tactical display - reconfigure quickly as the action unfolds
  • Mini-status window shows activity without wasting desktop space
  • Spectrum Analysis with superb graphics and printing
  • Scan by carrier squelch, sound squelch, PL/DPL code or signal strength
  • Search and store mode finds frequencies and builds new groups
  • Log activity to disk or printer
  • ID scan list import and export
  • All scanning parameters selectable on a per-channel basis, or use macro control

System Requirements

Scan*Star Spectrum Commander IX  requires a Pentium class machine with a minimum of 64 megabytes of RAM, hard disk, minimum 800 by 600 display, 1024 by 768 recommended. At least 10 megabytes of disk space for installation. Each radio requires a serial port and appropriate cable. Windows 95, 98, 98SE, NT 4, 2000 and XP.