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Remote Monitoring Appliance II



  1 RU Rack Mount


The Remote Monitoring Appliance (RMA) is a small, low-power device that allows radio receivers to be deployed at remote locations and accessed via standard networking infrastructure.

Monitoring radio communications in distant areas poses unique challenges. Remote monitoring is frequently required in the public safety, law enforcement, intelligence, military, two-way and broadcast communities. By locating a radio receiver at a remote site, the coverage area can be extended beyond the existing radio horizon, or around the world.

The small size and low power requirements of the RMA allow it to be easily deployed in hostile or clandestine environments. Using satellite data links and solar power, radio receivers can be placed almost anywhere.


The RMA directly controls up to four radios, and digitizes received audio for transmission to the base station. The RMA communicates with base station software via a network link using the RCIP protocol. RCIP is a proprietary high level protocol developed by Signal Intelligence to provide command, control and voice over IP capabilities using standard network connections.

Since the RCIP protocol works over any IP network, a wide variety of networks can be used. Possibilities include DSL, wireless Ethernet, LAN, WAN, microwave, satellite or the Internet.

Designed for High Availability

The RMA device is designed for high reliability and availability. With the exception of the temperature activated automatic cooling fan, the RMA contains no moving parts. The low power design assures that the cooling fan is needed only in extreme environmental conditions. A hardware implemented watchdog timer protects against lock-ups caused by transient conditions.

Easy Configuration

Managing the RMA device is simple, and can be performed remotely via a standard telnet connection over the network, or locally via the console RS-232 port. The telnet and console connections are password protected.

Optional Features

  • IEEE-488 Bus
  • Remote Sensor (RSEN)


AC power
DC power (12 V for Mini Box)
WAN port 10/100 Base-T Ethernet
Audio inputs (2)
RS-232 receiver control ports

Supported Software

The RMA II is compatible with Spectrum SentryNet™.

Supported Receivers

Most receivers supported by the base station software can be used with the RMA II. In addition, the RMA can be configured to decode sub audible tones and codes when connected to a flat receiver audio output (discriminator tap).