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TrunkStar Elite Pro

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DMA Scanner FAQ


TrunkStar Elite is the next generation scanner management software from Signal Intelligence supporting Uniden™ DMA scanners (BCD-996T, BCD-396T, BCT-15, BR-330 & BC-246T).

Product Features

    • Advanced Trunked Radio Control and Display

    • Control Multiple Scanners Simultaneously

    • Easy to Use

    • Advanced Logging Features

    • Comprehensive Programming

    • System Builder Imports Data from Radio Reference Web Service

    • File Merge with other Signal Intelligence Radio Monitoring Software

    • Microsoft® Office 2003® Look & Feel

Serial Ports

For simultaneous radio control, each radio requires a separate serial port. TrunkStar Elite Pro supports multi-port serial cards from various manufacturers.

Sound System

For simultaneous audio recording, one stereo sound card is required for every two radios. TrunkStar Elite Pro includes a multiplexer that allows the right and left channels of a sound card to be used for independent recording of two receivers at the same time. In addition, TrunkStar Pro also includes an advanced sound system manager that allows flexible assignment of input and output lines to devices and supports the presence of multiple sound cards in the same computer.

System Requirements

TrunkStar Elite Pro requires a Pentium class machine with a minimum of 64 megabytes of RAM, hard disk, minimum 1024 by 768 display. At least 20 megabytes of disk space for installation and operation. Each radio requires a serial port and appropriate cable. Windows 2000 and XP.

TrunkStar Elite Pro 15 Day Free Trial

The TrunkStar Elite Pro free trial edition will operate for 15 days. The trial edition has all features of the retail version, except the ability to access external files, such as spreadsheet and database files. This version can be electronically activated after purchase.

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