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TrunkStar™ 9235 Support


This product is no longer available for sale. TrunkStar 9235 was marketed and sold exclusively by Scanners Unlimited. Scanners Unlimited ceased operation on Wednesday, March 12th, 2008.

Product Updates

If you have already purchased TrunkStar 9235, you can update to the latest version free of charge. NOTE: product updates require serial number, activation key and the original factory-imaged CD in order to activate.

PRO-96 Virtual Scanner Folders

TrunkStar9235 now supports the Radio Shack® PRO-96 digital scanner!

Some users have reported that their PRO-96 did not contain the original factory sample trunking systems. We've created group files containing for each of the pre-loaded virtual scanner folders:

Factory Virtual Scanner Folders (self extracting)

Please note that these files are provided courtesy of trunkedradio.net and it's many members.