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Spectrum Sentry Support

Spectrum Sentry Product Updates

If you have already purchased Spectrum Sentry, you can update to the latest version free of charge. NOTE: product updates require serial number, activation key and the original factory-imaged CD in order to activate.

Sentinel Key Driver

The Sentinel Key Driver is required for all Windows NT, 2000 and XP installations running Spectrum Sentry. In addition, the driver may be required on Windows 95, 98 and ME. If you receive a message saying "The system key appears to be unplugged..." when you run Spectrum Sentry, you should download and install the Sentinel Key Driver.

Key Update Utility

The Key Update Utility is used to perform diagnostic tests and other functions on system keys. You should only use this program when requested by Signal Intelligence, technical support. Note that the Sentinel Key Driver must be installed to use the Key Update Ulility.