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TrunkStar XLT
Screen Samples

Radio Control Screen with Audio Recorder

The radio control display in TrunkStar XLT is divided into two portions: upper and lower. The upper display area shows the status of the radio and the lower display area has three selectable views for additional information. The following picture shows the Audio Recorder view in the lower section.

Radio Control Screen with Scan List

This picture shows the Scan List view. The scan list is the group file that defines the radio's program. Most changes made to the scan list can be programmed in the radio during scanning. This feature is called Live Update.

Group File View

Spectrum Analyzer

Audio Player with Audio Manifest

The Audio Player and Manifest combine to XLTvide a powerful audio intercept retrieval system. All audio intercepts on the computer are cataloged and shown in the manifest. Various sorting, searching and history scope features are included.