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for the Uniden® BC780XLT

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TrunkStar780™ is a high-performance, full-featured software package for Uniden® BC780XLT trunking scanner. Data management and operational control over the BC780XLT is provided.

Control Features

  • Comprehensive remote control

  • Near real-time display of critical operating parameters

  • Advanced operating controls

  • One-button mode changes

  • Live update feature automatically reprograms the radio when changes are made

  • Includes enhanced Digital Audio Logger - compatible with Scan*Star™ files

  • Automatically tracks uploads and downloads to keep radio memory current

Data Management Features

  • Spreadsheet-like operation

  • Sheets for scan banks, channels, ID codes and search banks

  • Edit data while scanning - fully asynchronous operation

  • Work with multiple files at the same time

  • Drag and drop channels and IDs between banks and files

  • Cut and paste channels and IDs between banks and files

  • Exchange data with other programs using cut/paste and drag/drop

  • Bank sort by frequency and name

  • Reads and writes .SWG files

  • Complete upload & download:

    • Channel settings

    • Alpha tags

    • Bank settings

    • Search ranges

    • Trunk system type

    • Radio-wide settings

    • FIPS codes

    • VHF/UHF type two system parameters

  • Windows 98, ME, 2000 & XP