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Sweep Star X

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The Sweep Star X product brings advanced analysis, display, logging and recording capabilities to the Optoelectronics X Sweeper™ advanced near-field test receiver.


The Sweep Star X software communicates with the X Sweeper over an RS-232 data link. As the X Sweeper locks on to signals, the Sweep Star X software records frequency, time, date and relative signal strength. Signal activity is shown on a graphical display that can be zoomed and panned to give the desired level of magnification. Signal intercepts are logged to disk, and the audio can be recorded for later playback.

Audio Recording

Sweep Star X includes the Signal Intelligence Digital Audio Logger technology. The Digital Audio Logger provides advanced audio recording capabilities. Each intercept is recorded in a special database that is indexed by frequency and time and displayed in a spreadsheet. Playback of a recorded segment is initiated simply by clicking on the segment’s play button. Multiple segments can be retrieved, chained together and played back in a single sequence.

Comparative Analysis Features

To assist in identifying new signals, the Sweep Star X software includes a baseline comparison feature. This feature allows collected intercept data to be compared with data collected at an earlier time.

Stand-Alone Collection Support

Sweep Star X supports the X Sweeper in a stand-alone (mobile collection) mode. In stand-alone mode, the X Sweeper is disconnected from the PC, and signal intercepts are collected and recorded in the X Sweeper logging memory. Intercepts are uploaded from the X Sweeper to the PC at a later time.

Advanced Threshold Action

The Sweep Star X software includes a threshold detector that is triggered by signal strength. When a signal is reported by the X Sweeper that exceeds the user-defined threshold, the Sweep Star X software will take one or more of the following user-defined actions:

  • Record Audio
  • Log to File
  • Stop & Monitor
  • Activate Alarm